Friday, November 18, 2011

Romney's Secret Emails

Before he left office, Mitt Romney destroyed records and emails contained on government computers.

Flip flops, Romneycare, destruction of government records ... Romney can not be trusted.

Past staffs recall no computer buybacks
Romney’s predecessors’ aides say removal was not standard practice

Top aides to the three Massachusetts governors who preceded Mitt Romney - all of them Republicans - said yesterday they know of no instance when state employees purchased their computer hard drive as they left the administration, as 11 of Romney’s aides did in 2006 as he was laying the groundwork for his first presidential campaign.
That’s almost unthinkable. It seems inherently a bad idea. You almost think you’d want to have a record of everything going on for the public.
11 of Romney’s aides purchased their state-issued hard drives and wiped e-mails from the server at the end of Romney’s term in 2006.