Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Like Lindsey Graham

If Mitt Romney had become the current president, his track record shows he would have compromised values and given away conservative values in the spirit of compromise.  Along those lines of compromising away conservative viewpoints, Lindsey Graham is showing how Mitt Romney would have done it.

The Wall Street Journal reports on Lindsey Graham failing to fight for the 2nd amendment
"A Democratic gun-control measure moved closer to reaching the Senate floor Sunday when a high-profile Republican said he doesn’t plan to join his party’s efforts to block it. Despite deep misgivings about the underlying legislation, Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina told CNN Sunday that he would only join a Republican-led filibuster if ... "

That is how big government fake Republicans compromise away the Constitution and conservative values.  If Mitt Romney had become President, Old Guard Established Republicans (OGERs) such as Lindsey Graham would have a faster path to destroying America.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

No New Ideas

Mitt Romney has no ideas on foreign policy in general, and no new idea on Middle East foreign policy.  To summarize, Mitt Romney's Middle East foreign policy is, "more of what Obama is doing, with more bombs."

From an article on foreignpolicy.com:

Mitt Romney's op-ed in Sunday's Wall Street Journal, which ran under the headline, "A New Course for the Middle East". Even by the standards of political silly season and in the heat of battle weeks before an election -- when exaggeration, obfuscation, and willful distortion become the orders of the day -- this article sets a new bar for its vacuity, aimlessness and lack of coherence. There's nothing "new" in it, and it provides no "course for the Middle East." If anything, it takes us back to the kind of muscular nonsense and sloganeering that has wreaked havoc on our credibility in recent years.