Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Birth Control Hypocrite

While Governor, Mitt Romney said nothing about a state law providing for birth control.  When Obama recently made a similar directive on birth control, flip-flop Mitt Romney spoke out against it.  It was OK when Mitt was Governor, but now he says it is not OK.

Mitt Romney has said the Obama administration is intruding on religious freedom by moving to require religious–affiliated employers to cover contraception services in their health insurance plans.
When confronted with a similar law as governor of Massachusetts, Mr. Romney didn't raise objections on religious or moral grounds, say people who worked in his administration or in health care interest groups there.

Gov. Romney quiet on birth-control law
Mitt Romney faulted President Barack Obama's original push to require church-affiliated employers to pay for birth control as an "assault on religion," but as Massachusetts governor, Romney was largely silent about a state law that required virtually the same contraceptive coverage.