Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Romney Pushed Socialized Medicine

The Wall Street Journal retrieved emails Mitt Romney thought he removed from his days as Governor of Massachusetts.  The emails clearly show Mitt Romney was a driving force for socialized medicine.  There is not a sliver of difference between liberal Romney and war-monger Obama.

How Romney Pushed State Health Bill
Emails Show Governor Defending Insurance Mandate for Massachusetts Residents
When Mitt Romney left office as Massachusetts governor, his aides removed all emails from a server computer in the governor's office, and purchased and carted off hard drives from 17 state-owned personal computers, according to a current state official.

But a small cache of emails survived ...

Mr. Romney ... strongly defended the so-called individual mandate, a requirement that everyone in Massachusetts have or buy heath insurance. And they privately discussed ideas that might be anathema to today's GOP—including publicly shaming companies that didn't provide enough health insurance to employees.