Sunday, July 22, 2012

Romney Shuts Out Young Republicans

With all of Willard Romney's money and inside GOP contacts, why is he scared of an 18-year-old conservative?  If the Republicans and Willard Romney want to win, they should include the young enthusiastic voters.  It appears the Republicans would rather lose, than include the future Republican generation.

Mass. GOP deals dirty

I have seen the future of the Republican Party in Massachusetts — and he’s an 18-year-old kid who just got screwed by Mitt Romney.  Evan Kenney was a senior at Wakefield High School when, inspired by a politically active teacher, he decided he’d like to become a delegate to the Republican National Convention. ...
Kenney won, receiving more votes than the two former GOP gubernatorial candidates he was running against, Charlie Baker and Kerry Healey.
But in the end, it’s Baker and Healey who are going to Tampa as delegates to the RNC, while Kenney will be home learning a lesson in petty, partisan politics.
Why? Because the state GOP cheated. ...