Friday, August 3, 2012

Romney Fails To Excite

Mitt Romney is not a credible candidate for President.  His business experience aside, Romey's legislative record in Massachusetts shows he is a flip-flopper who supported abortion and gun control.  That Romney is failing to excite the base of conservative Republicans is no surprise, as Romney's records shows he is not a conservative.

In Tight Iowa Race, Romney Struggles to Excite G.O.P. Base

... Romney faces a worrisome undercurrent here: that the grass-roots elements who animated the Iowa caucuses — including evangelical Christians, Ron Paul supporters and Tea Party members — are not fully behind his candidacy in a battle that will be determined partly on who turns out his party’s base. “He just doesn’t seem to connect well, and I’m not sure he’s a strong enough candidate, to be very, very honest,” said Steve Boender, a farmer here in southeast Iowa, who supported Rick Santorum in the state caucus. 

... whether Mr. Romney — who once backed universal health care and supported abortion rights — can generate the excitement needed to draw these voters to the polls is a question that worries some Republicans. ...