Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Romney Will Compromise Away The Constitution

Even though he was endorsed by the NRA, Mitt Romney is a confirmed gun grabber. He signed gun restriction legislation as Governor of Massachusetts. Last night during the two-party duopoly Presidential debate (excludes other Presidential candidates such as Gary Johnson), Mitt Romney described how he builds consensus to ignore the Constitution. If Romney can get consensus, he will do anything including violating the oath of office to uphold the Constitution.

 From the scripted debate last night:
CROWLEY: Governor, Governor, if I could, the question was about these assault weapons that once were banned and are no longer banned. I know that you signed an assault weapons ban when you were in Massachusetts. Obviously with this question, you no longer do support that. Why is that?
ROMNEY: Well, Candy, actually, in my state, the pro-gun folks and the anti-gun folks came together and put together a piece of legislation, and it's referred to as a, as an assault weapon ban, but it had at the signing of the bill both the pro-gun and the anti- gun people came together, because it provided opportunities for both that both wanted.
There it is. Mitt Romney will ban guns and do everything else to violate the Constitution, if there is consensus.

When a fake gun-rights organization like the NRA negotiates a gun-grab, Mitt Romney will sign it. If you support the Constitution and the 2nd amendment to the Constitution, you can not vote for Mitt Romney.