Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Romney International Trip: FAIL

Between Romney making bad comments about London's efforts for the 2012 Olympics, and a Romney staffer losing his cool, Romney's international trip has been a major failure.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s international trip was just starting to look up when his traveling Press Secretary, Rick Gorka, told reporters to “kiss my ass.

Obama's staff said, "“He’s been fumbling the foreign policy football from country to country. And there’s a threshold question that he has to answer for the American people and that’s whether he’s prepared to be commander-in-chief…. This raises some questions about his preparedness,” she added."

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Romney Shuts Out Young Republicans

With all of Willard Romney's money and inside GOP contacts, why is he scared of an 18-year-old conservative?  If the Republicans and Willard Romney want to win, they should include the young enthusiastic voters.  It appears the Republicans would rather lose, than include the future Republican generation.

Mass. GOP deals dirty

I have seen the future of the Republican Party in Massachusetts — and he’s an 18-year-old kid who just got screwed by Mitt Romney.  Evan Kenney was a senior at Wakefield High School when, inspired by a politically active teacher, he decided he’d like to become a delegate to the Republican National Convention. ...
Kenney won, receiving more votes than the two former GOP gubernatorial candidates he was running against, Charlie Baker and Kerry Healey.
But in the end, it’s Baker and Healey who are going to Tampa as delegates to the RNC, while Kenney will be home learning a lesson in petty, partisan politics.
Why? Because the state GOP cheated. ...


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Romney Supports Health Care Mandate

Mitt Romney supports Obama's health care mandate via a tax.  This is the same system Romney implemented in Massachusetts.  Many conservatives have wondered why the Republican party seems intent on running a liberal rich guy with similar policies of Obama.  The Wall Street Journal is finally publicizing the fact that Romney supports much of the Obama policies, including health care and wars.

Mitt Romney said Wednesday that the U.S. health care law's penalty is a tax, breaking with one of his top aides and further muddling the lines between the Massachusetts health-care plan he championed and the federal version he opposes.

While the Wall Street Journal calls Mitt Romney "confused", it is not confusion.  Mitt Romney believes in socialized medicine, just like Obama.

If Mitt Romney loses his run for the White House, a turning point will have been his decision Monday to absolve President Obama of raising taxes on the middle class.